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AlphaAce Technology

AlphaAce Technology

AlphaAce Technology
AlphaAce Technology

Agriculture Technology

AlphaAce technology is group of innovative engineers with knowledge of  practices necessary in agriculture . In farming, there are number of mundane tasks, We with the help of farmers are trying to reduce tasks. In case where it is not possible providing the solution to reduce efforts and reduce labor.

Being a part of agriculture Revolution we want to create positive impact and empower farmers to maximize productivity while minimize costs.

Fertigation for crops is laborious task, legacy system using ventury has its own drawback. With the help of farmers we understood the pain points and started to develop product  to overcome drawback of venturi. Product has quickly became farmer’s  choice


Drip Injector :

India is a land of agriculture. Revolutionary changes in agriculture field can be seen in the recent years. To minimise water usage many farmers are adapting drip system.We are manufacturing battery operated drip injectors which are used for injecting fertilizers into drip system. This pump helps to maintain constant pressure with flow.

Another important application of this injector is that they can be used to spray fertilizers.As this is battery operated unit,it is portable and used for various purposes like washing,spraying etc.

Valve Automation :

Agriculture plays a vital role in overall economic development of the country. Irrigation is the most important and crucial part in the agriculture.we have developed agriculture valve controller unit which is used for multiple valve control in smart farming.The system is based upon PLC and GSM model.Multiple solenoid valves can be turned ON or OFF on a single tip at any time.This technique of smart irrigation inturns to create a good future for farmers.


Drenching :

Drenching is important at early stage of plantation as roots are small.Currently manual drenching consumes more time,it is costlier and includes wastage of fertilizers and pesticides etc.AlphaAce Drenching device can precisely drench any pesticide or fertilizer or insecticide to all plants which will result in uniform growth of plants with high yield.

Poultry Raking Machine :

Health of a poultry farm depends upon the raking. due to labor scarcity ineffective manual ranking, farmers are facing problems in raking. mechanical innovations are becoming solutions to this problems. AlphaAce Technology poultry raking machine is featured with need of poultry farmers. this machine turns all layers of Poultry waste accumulated in the farm. Enclosed sensors helps to lift the blades when blades are being touch hard surface. this machine is battery operated so it is much user friendly. the user holds the machine with handle and as the battery supply turns on motor drive starts to rotate blades with proper raking growth of chicks will be enhanced by minimizing diseases spread in the poultry farm